Knowing’s Half the Battle…

…Or at least a portion of it anyway.  So here’s a few sites we love that are helping us to figure all of this out.  I’ll add more as we discover them so check this post often for updates.

Here’s a great one I discovered today.  Really such a lovely way to explain the difference between empathy and sympathy.  Something we wish everyone knew!

This Ted X was brought to our attention by another Kartini parent, in it the importance of food as medicine is explained.  It peels away at the stigma that shadows eating disorders, and was incredibly emotional for me to listen to.

Started by Brandon Marshal of the Chicago Bears, this organization strives to break the stigma surrounding mental illness, and educate through media such as Instagram and Facebook.  Check them out, and I strongly encourage you to support them!

Sent to me on Facebook, this article does an amazing job of describing ARFID.



2 thoughts on “Knowing’s Half the Battle…

    1. I also cried when Dr. Hill spoke in the TEDx talk. I love that these doctors are passionate about their work and letting people know that the brain is important.


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